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Scientific Quran : Three stages in the Womb

Scientific Quran : Three stages in the Womb


In the Quran it is related that man is developed in three stages.

Surah az-Zumar: 6 

God said: He creates you stage by stage in your mother’s wombs in a threefold darkness. That is your God, your Lord. Sovereignty is His. There is no god but Him. So what has made you deviate?

The Arabic expression translated into English as a threefold darkness indicates three dark regions involve during the development of the embryo.

These are:

  • the darkness of the  abdomen
  • the darkness of the womb
  • the darkness of the placenta

This was founded only when scientists used modern devices. Since the Quran has revealed detailed information at the time when people had scarcely of medical matters. Its clear evidence that the Quran is the word of God.


Audi Yudhasmara

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