Also below are some suggested web pages and web sites for more info.  These web pages are not included in the book.  All of these links open a new window, so to come back here, close the new window. 

links are categorized into the following subjects:


of New Muslims (how they converted, their thoughts, and feelings):

More on the Scientific Miracles in the Holy Quran:

on Muhammad  in the Bible:

on the Basic Islamic Beliefs:


on the Life After Death, the Day of Judgment, Paradise, and Hellfire:


on Real Happiness in Islam:


Information on Islam in Brief:

Information on Islam in Depth:



Articles on Jesus (most of these articles are from Islam Answers Back web site):


on the Prophet Muhammad :

Comparative Religion Regarding the Bible and Jesus:


of the Meanings of the Holy Quran:


of Some Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad :


on Islam on Terrorism:

Articles on Women in Islam:


 to Perform Prayer:

Ask a Live Person About Islam by Phone:

  • Toll free Tel. # within the USA and Canada: 1-877-WHY-ISLAM
    or 1-877-949-4752
    (from 9 am to 9 pm Eastern Standard Time)

and Answers on Islam (and to submit a question about it):


Islamic Bookstores:

PhoneAlso, If you would like more information on Islam, or if you have any questions or comments, you may contact one of the following organizations (Note: To search for addresses of Islamic centers near you, please visit Islamic Finder):


The United States:

  1. Islamic Assembly of North America
    3588 Plymouth Road, Suite # 270,
    Ann Arbor, MI 48105, USA
    Tel.: (734) 528-0006 – Fax: (734) 528-0066
  2. Islamic Foundation of America
    PO Box: 3415, Merrifield, VA 22116, USA
    Tel.: (703) 914-4982 – Fax: (703) 914-4984
  3. Alharamain Islamic Foundation
    1257 Siskiyou Blvd., no. 212,
    Ashland, OR 97520, USA
    Tel.: (541) 482-1116 – Fax: (541) 482-1117
  4. Understanding Islam Foundation
    11153 Washington Pl., Culver City,
    CA 90232, USA
    Tel. and Fax: (301) 558-9865
  5. World Assembly of Muslim Youth
    PO Box: 8096, Falls Church,
    VA 22041-8096, USA
    Tel.: (703) 820-6656 – Fax: (703) 783-8409
  6. Islamic Information Institute
    of Dar-us-Salam
    5301 Edgewood Rd., College Park,
    MD 20740-4623, USA
    Tel.: (301) 982-9463 – Fax: (301) 982-9849
  7. Al Jumuah Magazine
    PO Box: 5387, Madison,
    WI 53705-5387, USA
    Tel.: (608) 277-1855 – Fax: (608) 277-0323


  1. Islamic Information & Da’wah Center International
    1168 Bloor Street West, Toronto,
    Ontario M6H 1N1, Canada
    Tel.: (416) 536-8433 – Fax: (416) 536-0417

The United Kingdom:

  1. Al-Muntada Al-Islami Centre
    7 Bridges Place, Parsons Green,
    London SW6 4HW, UK
    Tel.: 44 (0207) 736 9060
    Fax: 44 (0207) 736 4255
  2. Jam’iat Ihyaa’ Minhaaj Al-Sunnah
    PO Box: 24, Ipswich, Suffolk IP3 8ED, UK
    Tel. and Fax: 44 (01473) 251578

Saudi Arabia:

  1. Alharamain Islamic Foundation
    PO Box: 69606, Riyadh 11557, Saudi Arabia
    Tel.: (966-1) 465-2210 – Fax: (966-1) 462-3306
  2. World Assembly of Muslim Youth
    PO Box: 10845, Riyadh 11443, Saudi Arabia
    Tel.: (966-1) 464-1669 – Fax: (966-1) 464-1710

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